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CypherJF: Actually I don't think SSN is run by L Chance anymore. I'm not sure the history of it but the latest back I can remember was Altec . running it with Sideburn? Spring/Summer of 2004, Altec . and L Chance brought back SSN using Lord Maucaub's biller system. They shut it back down after HALO switched back to SSZ; and now I believe Dark Mistress / TheBest999 / Cospar / MS-DOS; someone is running it.

Smong: I think NTC has it now. They keep changing tags which is annoying. For the record I remember them with SSDM and TNT too if you want to stick that in a 'most annoying network decisions ever' page.

CypherJF: Yeah NTC is the Dark Mistress / TheBest999 / Cospar / MS-DOS network.

Smong:Someone add NTC and SSDT at least. Also I think this page should be called Networks, but that is more jargon I guess and could easily be confused.

D1st0rt:Whoa 17th is near me? Trench still has a lower ping


There's already a category called Servers, don't you think this should belong there? I know you couldn't have the short descriptions, but they're kinda hard to keep track of and not that useful. --Cyan~Fire

Well, hmm. We could always make each server its own category, the short desc goes on the category desc, and each zone is added to the specific server category they are on. Pests

Smong: I don't think search looks at categories (I feel like I am typing that several times a day).

I wasn't saying remove the page, just saying get rid of the server list, since it'll soon become outdated and is redundant. But, whatever, no biggie. --Cyan~Fire

Combine Pages?

Since there's actually not all that much info to put about each of these servers, how would you feel about me merging all of the individual server pages here? This page could be divided up into Active and Inactive servers, if that's a problem. --Cyan~Fire

Smong: SSZ Subspace Network? I think that needs changing. SSN is still run by L. Chance? Also who nicked the css for the wiki?


Smong: I don't like the look of this page. First Servers, I would prefer a page called Hosts or Networks.

Next a table of active networks, columns are: tag, owners + contact, website, billing (yes, own billing/yes, tag of other biller/no biller) and location. A network is considered active if it has its own menu on

Smong 16:10, Mar 11, 2007 (PDT): A network is any tag with more than 1 zone or has been up for a noticeable period of time.

CSSSunknownN/AunknownUSA, Central
PSSDoc Flabbywww.playsubspace.comunknownUSA, East
SSCCFreakmongerN/ASSCUSA, East
SSCELuminate <luminate>N/ASSCUSA, East
Death+ <dxexaxtxh>
N/ASSCUSA, Central
SSCUPriitK <priitk>
Death+ <dxexaxtxh>
N/ASSCUSA, Multiple
SSCXPriitK <priitk>N/ASSCUSA, East
SSDCblackjayde <support>ssdc.xtremegaming.netSSDCUSA, East
SSEOcybersnipe, contempt, East
SSLSteigerwaldN/AN/AUSA, Central
SSOcybersnipe, contempt, East
SSTConfess <confess321>
Top Gun. <ajchuck>
www.ssthosting.netSSTUSA, East
T3Mecbot+N/ASSCUSA, East

The purpose of this table is to serve as a summary of active hosts and so people can quickly find contact details of who is operating them.

Next, a seperate section (or possibly page) containing a history of the networks, start/end dates, ownership, comments (reason for creation/closure, generally accepted reputation).

i88gerbils: Why not give a brief 1-line summary of TAG, host, web site making the tag a wiki link to description + contact information? Kind of like the corporation info bar on wikipedia.

SSCX SubSpace X

? Template:Zone?

Agreed with basically all of this. I'll change the name now, and probably separate this at least into current and historical. --Cyan~Fire

Smong: There's a long way yet to go. I'm still making my way through the recent changes and may start rewriting this page later.

--i88gerbils 16:24, Mar 10, 2006 (EST): I like my style better. It's pretty easy to just add a standard wiki template to add an entry. And probably easier to add CSS for just that template to pretty it up if MGB wants.