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Hosts, as the name implies, host SubSpace zones (see active zones). Most of the larger servers have adopted prefix tags, most notably a four letter tag beginning with SSC is most likely on the SSC billing network.

Current Hosts


Owner: Dymolex
email: dymolex

This network although active appears to be run from a dial-up modem.


SFSS is run by Awestrike. Despite missing the SSC in the server prefix, all active zones are connected to the SSC biller, as shown by a suffix.


SSCC is run by freakmonger, who also is a sysop of Metal Gear CTF. Admiral Kirk is the server's Security Administrator.

SSCU SubSpace Europe

SSCU, hosted by PriitK was located in Europe and has been around for quite some time. Currently there are few zones remaining on the server, including 17th Parallel (which has moved to a new server in northern Virginia) and Trench Wars (located in Atlanta), Georgia. Both are maintained by PriitK.

SSCX SubSpace Exodus

SSCX is run by both Yarekim and Xalimar. Zones on this powerful server located in the western US, with the privilege of being on the SSC Network, thus the absence of any SSX prefix. All zones on the SSCX prefix are offered Powerbot for their own use.

SSCX also hosts ASSS zones under the prefix "SSCX-A".


aim: xxssm3xx
email: ihod2005


The T3 server is run by Mecbot+ and hosts only one zone, T3 The Gauntlet, which is on the SSC biller network.

Shut-down hosts


Owned by dark_mistress and TheBest999. Both changed their names, dark_mistress became Night_Fox and TheBest999 is also known as MS-DOS. TheBest999 supposedly created a new biller for the NTC network.

The network has also been known under the following tags, SSDM, SSN and TNT. It also once had control of

The owners left the scene after sustaining large amounts of abuse from the community and passed on administrative powers to SpeedUP! (not to be confused with StepUP) and SpeedDOWN! under yet another tag, SSU SubSpace University.

SSCI SubSpace International

SSI and SSCI, hosted in Texas and New Jersey, is run by 1stStrike, Argyle, and ExplodyThingy.

In addition to zone hosting, SSI provides a biller for access to all willing zones on dedicated hosts. It is a public atmosphere operated for the sole purpose of uniting the non-SSC community. The new biller software was written by 2dragons in Java and is modular just like ASSS is modular. The backend is MySQL and allows for web-intergrated features such as remote management and stats displays. It will be maintained by 2dragons and ExplodyThingy.


SubSpace David Tombs is a development zone server hosted by Cyan~Fire. It is by no means a powerful server, but is one of the few servers that will accept any zone with at least some good plans for development.


SSCI also hosts zones on their own biller and server under this tag.

SSN SubSpace Network

SSN, located in Britain, was run by L. Chance, but the host has since closed down. The server's complete history is unknown.

After L. Chance, the host formerly known as NTC changed names to SSN. It has since changed names again to SSU.


Owner: Purge
AIM: Purgifiy
Billing: SSI

This host also provides Windows ASSS support under the tag "SSQ-A".

SSZ SubSpace Network

SSZ, run by Jericho24. and Lord Assassin, was a non-SSC network that hosted developing and startup zones hoping to succeed in the SubSpace world. It had its own biller programmed by tehsu.

It shut down with this message posted by Lord Assassin:

Ok guys listen.

After 12 months hard work to get a stable and professional server online and hosted several very good zones the time is arrived to think about the future of the SSZ Network.

Jericho24. and myself spent more then $4000 in this project. We where also prommised to get the SSC billing if we could bring a stable server. Well at that point we did a very good job. The server had never any downtime because off server faillures. Only 1 or 2 times we went offline because some stupid human beings tryed to hack or flood the server.

It is sad to announce but i think SSZ or any other good server never will get the SSC biller because SCC is controlled by several kids that dont know what responsibility is. Its a shame Prittk dont care about this, its a shame for the Subspace community SSZ will not receive SSC.

Jericho24 and me are sad to announce we will shutdown SSZ by the end of this month unless we will receive several donations to keep SSZ alive.
If you are interested to donate and keep SSZ alive, reply on this topic or send us a personal message.

When we do not receive enough donations at the end of this year, we will give the hosted zones the chance to find another host. The server will be owned untill the end off January 2005. Contact SSZ staff for more details.

SSZ Staff:
LorD AsSasSiN - Admin
Jericho24. -Admin
Boba -Admin
Zutshi -Admin
Slicer -Netop
LtNirvana -Netop
Angelissa - Netop
Dav1 - Netop