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Part of the SSCX network was not responding to player count pings or letting players enter during early March 2006. SSCX operates two servers both in the USA.

This page aggregates related news articles as they appear around the community.

Timeline of events

Source: news.txt SSCX Chaos/League Zone SVS (as seen on Mar 4 2006)

Date/Time: March 3 2006

March 3rd, 2006


There is a strong possibility that SSCX will go down in the next coming hours/days. If the zone does go offline please check and for information on the new host/zone. We aplogize for any inconvenience.



Date/Time: March 04 @ 03:03:36 EST

SSCX is down.

As you may have noticed half os SSCX is down. Due to the immature actions of a single person, SSCX may be down for good. I do not have any further details at the moment so please check the site for updates. Wonderer


Date/Time: 4th March 2006, 9:41 am GMT

Author: SpecShip (aka Gravitron)

For years I was under the imrpession, as such seemed to have been the 'common knowledge' that xalimar, under his position as system administrator at C&W (ex-exodus), was given the perk of using some of the company's bandwidth to his needs, so he would pay for the boxes but the bandwidth would be given for free.
As it turns out, this was not so.
A player, called 'prime' who seems had a feud with xalimar, reported the activity of SSX servers on their bandwidth to the C&W HQ.
De Facto, xalimar was filtering company bandwidth to run the servers, illegaly.
Since reported, the first box as said was shutdown on the spot, the other one is next.
Xalimar may lose his job over this as well.


Date/Time: 4th March 2006, 4:24 pm GMT

Author: Mr Ekted

FYI: Everything SpecShip said is true, except that it's Savvis not C&W, and the bandwidth being used was at least silently accepted by xal's direct boss. It was simply against corporate policy. So when C&W took over, then subsequently Savvis, they just continued doing it. For a company like them, it was less than 0.000001% of their pipe.


Date/Time: March 04 @ 16:17:35 EST

Author: wonderer

SSCX is permanently down.

I have spoken with Yarekim and Xalimar is pulling the plug on SSCX. In short a PB player named prime called Savvis and reported the IP and ports that SSCX1 is running on. As a result those ports were closed and Xalimar is forced to shutdown for good. The person who shutdown SSCX aparently was trying to get a seat of power but has instead shutdown most of the zones in SS and as a result will hopefully recieve a lifetime netban. We are currently looking for alternatives so with any luck an opportunity will show itself.

Source: (as seen on Mar 5 2006)

Date/Time: March 04, 2006 at 07:00 PM EST

Do to circumstances beyond our control we have lost our hosting with SSCX. I am not going to go into the details as to why this has happened as plenty of rumors and stories have already popped up. Technically the host is still up but the ports have been closed. I imagine the entire host will be taken offline early this week.
I have no choice of course but to cancel league games until further notice. Please understand that the staff is working on the issue and we expect to have Chaos/Premier back up within a few days. I will remian in close contact with passplay and Ghost Ship as we work on getting our new host up and running. Check the premier forums and this site often as I will keep you all posted on the situation as we go through this transition.

Sorry for the inconvience everyone.




Date/Time: March 06 @ 00:10:33 EST

Author: wonderer

On the move again

Priitk has kindly offered to host all zones that were in SSCX. As you may notice Warzone is no longer on SSCE as we are again on the move. I have emailed Priitk so hopefully we'll be back up again soon.