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Smong's website has some ASSS and MERVBot plugins with source code. There is also some other misc stuff related to SubSpace.

Programs written by Smong

  • DustEd - A basic map editor.
  • confclean - A .conf file cleaner.
  • ChatNet - A Java asss chat client.
  • NAAP - Newbie ASSS Admin Program, a Java tool to setup asss on windows.
  • Blender rotation script, for making 3D shipsets.
  • FSM - Font Sheet Maker, can be used with SS/Cont and with map tilesets.
  • Nebula - GUI directory client.

ASSS arenas by Smong

Zones (in chronological order):

  • Battlezone (aka BZ)
    • Parts of WZCTF bot cloned in modules
  • Grand Theft Auto (aka GTA)
    • Car jacking
  • Unreal Tournament (aka UT)
    • Adrenaline
    • Bombrun
    • CTF
    • Weapon pickups
  • Pirates!
    • Merchants
    • Towns
  • Command and Conquer (aka CNC)
    • Destructible sentry turrets
    • Destructible base structures

Misc event modules (alphabetical):

  • Avalanche
  • Asteroids
  • Dodgeball
  • Elim
  • Golf
  • Pacman
  • Race
  • Wipeout

Misc ASSS developer's 'you might want to know this'

  • In the packet callbacks the buffer has been allocated plenty of space, so you can read past the indicated length safely.
  • When using amalloc() it will set the memory to all 0's for you.
  • When using per-arena/player data that is also all 0'd for you.
  • adkey and pdkey are often used as the arena data and player data keys respectively
  • Functions with names_like_this() are probably local (ASSS uses local inplace of the static keyword)
  • Functions with NamesLikeThis() are probably from an interface
  • All your base are belong to us
  • The ShipChange callback is broken, despite several requests for grel to fix it
  • game_timer/Misc:TimedGame is not fully supported yet (shh)
  • The default modules.conf doesn't have scoring:points_periodic, objects or messages
  • The default permissions don't have the ?owner command enabled
  • *arena has been changed to ?a, *log to ?lastlog [<lines>] [<filter>] and esc+c with ?quickfix [<filter>]
  • There is a glitch called lag coma where reliable packets get stuck (30+ players?)
    • Supposedly fixed.
  • Downloads do take longer than subgame (needs tweaking)
  • Autowarp/moveto does screw up your aim
  • ?help got hijacked and it's now used as online commands and settings help.
    • There is a patch to make ?help like subgame, moving the command to ?man (short for manual).
  • The stock objects doesn't support all targets correctly.


  • MSN: mp564 at hotmail
  • ICQ: 123727323

Some notes on the Soccer:CapturePoints setting

capturepoints: positive
each goal starts with this many tokens
scoring a goal takes a token from the enemy goal and puts it in your goal
win by all enemies having 0 tokens
enemy has no tokens left: <team goal!> 'Enemy goal had no points to give.' <arena ?score>

capturepoints: negative
when you have this many tokens you win (soccer game over)
each goal starts with 0 tokens
scoring a goal gives you (team/freq) 1 token

capturepoints: non-zero
all modes except mode0: output from ?score sent to whole arena on goal
end of game message: (ding) 'Soccer game over.'

capturepoints: zero
just reward points given
?score does not work
game never ends

?score: mode0, mode3, mode4, mode5, mode6
SCORE: Team0:%d Team1:%d Team2:%d Team3:%d
SCORE: Warbirds:%d Javelins:%d Spiders:%d Leviathans:%d

?score: mode1, mode2
SCORE: Evens:%d Odds:%d
SCORE: Warbirds:%d Javelins:%d

special case: mode0
just reward points given
no tokens lost or gained
game never ends

special case: mode1, mode2
freq's are odds/evens, so spider = warbird etc.