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The zone.dat file contains several entries which define a player's favorite server list. The information can either be downloaded from a directory server or manually added to the file.


For each zone a entry like the following exist in the zone.dat file.

<Zone name>,<Zone ip>,<Zone port>,<unknown dns>,<Warn non-SSC zone>


SSCU Trench Wars,,5400,,0
#SSCU Trench Wars - Sysops: DoCk> and PriitK - ss://


  • The <Unknown dns> field often seems to contain a DNS name for some zones (ex.: "" for Trench Wars). It may remain blank.
  • The <Warn non-SSC zone> field is a boolean value which indicates whether or not Continuum will not warn you are entering a non-SSC zone. When this field is set to 1 Continuum will not warn the player they are entering a non-SSC zone.
  • The <Warn non-SSC zone> field is ignored by Continuum if the zone is an SSC zone.

Tips and Tricks

In Continuum, in order to add a link into the "Web Links & News" menu, you may prefix URLs with site name in brackets in the zone description field.

(Zone Website)