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Continuum Main Menu
Continuum is a free SubSpace client developed by PriitK and Mr Ekted. The current official version is 0.40. Continuum was developed as a clone of the SubSpace client, but now contains original features such as Ship Settings:SeeBombLevel and LVZs. Continuum is the official client of the SubSpace Central Billing Server.

It was developed primarily because of the failures of SubSpace mainly in security. As the VIE encryption had been hacked, programs like Twister were available that would manipulate the network traffic into giving a player an unfair advantage over normal ones. Continuum uses a very secure protocol and effectively masks its code, disallowing the ASM rips that contributed to the downfall of SubSpace. Although a few attempts to crack the Continuum encryption have been made, none have been very successful. In short, Continuum saved SubSpace.

It is possible to run Continuum in Linux. Read up about how to patch Wine to allow Continuum to run.


Continuum 0.38

Continuum 0.39pr1

Continuum 0.40

Web Installer


Continuum Wikipedia Entry

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