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Check out SheepMessage for a template for the Settings. I think that looks better? --i88gerbils

Smong: Bak: I don't know if you have forgotten, but the game is still called Subspace. Why do you only mention Continuum in all your pages?

Smong: When you only mention Continuum, you are making it seem like what you are talking about is in Continuum only. This is acceptable for things like *watchdamage and *warpto. Features like cloak, although old, are fundamental to the game and have been around since Subspace.

Dude, leave my name alone. I'll make changes if I want them. --grel


Please respond to this: Talk:Continuum Level / Lvz Tool ¦ Akai 05:13, Jun 22, 2006 (EDT)

Mine GO BOOM 17:19, Apr 13, 2007 (PDT): Use the Preview button a little bit more often. When editing lots of sections in one page, just edit the whole page instead of each section individually, especially if all the changes are related.

Mine GO BOOM 13:19, March 17, 2008 (PDT): Wiki now supports wmv file extensions. I uploaded most of the video files I found in your articles.