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  • Is no longer known as "Akai"...ya I gave it away to some asian dude with two different online-and-met-through-subspace-in-the-same-zone girlfriends. I am awesome.
  • Can delete all content on, (not much on main site :p) and they'd have to get a backup and restore it. I can delete posts in a forum or two at & (I forget if I still can there, actually), too. I don't really do any of that, of course. :) One time Smong didn't believe I was me (because I sometimes switch nicks a lot like a retard) and I switched his index (without removing original) @ to something was like a black page with "BEANS!" in big green letters or something, I forget.
    • I probably can't do most of that stuff anymore. :p
  • Is better than PriitK at SVS (admittedly I don't believe he's ever claimed to be especially good).
  • Likes Mr Ekted despite differences in reading comprehension.
  • Wants to know why Smong's Java chatnet client has stopped working on his Linux box.
  • Acknowledges SOS as his favorite Estonian (out of the two he's interacted with).
  • Freaking loved (in no particular order, but always in heydays, not any revivals or remakes [for the zones that've hadem]): SSI RDF Robotech!, Zero Annihilation, Warzone Chess, Southpark, Chaos in the VIE days, 17th Parallel in the Nurples days and a couple other zones that died so fast he forgot their names (T3 Epoch was fun, too).
  • Wishes the on-screen and on-radar colors for goals matched (by default).
  • Hates zones that use that new 'feature' which makes ball-killing in safe zones impossible.