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SSCU Trench Wars, an exciting team-based game platform. Trench Wars has become one of the most versatile well known zones in all of Continuum. Primarily created as a team-based flagging game, Trench Wars has evolved into a multi-faceted zone offering over 150 Flagging, Racing, Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and other specialty sub-arenas. Many of these sub-arenas carry custom shipsets and arena designs downloadable in the game (Events). In addition, Trench Wars has one of the most competitive and versatile Elimination games available, hosted automatically 24 hours a day in two separate arenas (Elim/Baseelim)! If you have yet to download Continuum, click here for the latest version!

Your primary mission in Trench Wars is to help your team in the main public arenas, to capture and hold the flag for points. Point bonuses are given out on an intermittent basis for those who hold the flag, as well as a 200-point bonus per kill if your team carries the flag. Each ship holds a specially designed set of functions, created to promote a balanced and skill oriented flagging match. Many sub-arenas hosted by our Staff members include; Deathmatch style dueling, over 42 different theme maps for Basing and Flagging, several Elimination style games in addition to our 24-hour Elim, specialty Holiday maps, ship specific maps (like Javs or Blind for cloakers), Racing maps with custom racecar ship designs, and Ball games like Hockey or Powerball. Trench Wars developers have also utilized the versatility of Subspace/Continuum, to create some of the most popular sub-games to date! Games like Zombies where the humans have only a short time to make it off the island, or Gravbomber where gravity is your friend and your foe! Each weekend, Trenchers gather and unite with their fellow countrymen in the WW6 battle for global superiority!

Trench Wars also has two very competitive squad based League gaming systems, Trench Wars Leagues (TWL) and the ladder-based Trench Wars Division (TWD). TWL is now starting its tenth season, and continues to be the battlegrounds for the best of the best in Basing, Dueling, and Javelins. Squads compete each weekend during a regular season in order to make their way to the playoffs, for a chance at winning their respective TWL-Cups! TWD is a more versatile league system, where games are played at any time and all squads can compete! All of these games are hosted automatically by the MatchBots, who handle all score reporting, player lagouts, game setup, and referee decisions.