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A Directory server is provides a way for clients to retreive a list of zones that are currently online and running. These servers provide information on any zones that have registered with the directory server. This information includes the name and description of the zone, the ip and port that should be used to connect to the zone, the server version, whether or not a billing server is connected to the zone, as well as the number of players in the zone.

Both SubSpace and Continuum clients are capable of saving this information locally on the PC in the zone.dat file.


A client can connect to a directory server to retrieve a list of active zones. Client's connect to UDP port 4990 using the Directory Client Protocol.

A zone can register itself with one or more directory servers so players can find the zone. It utilizes the Directory Game Server Protocol on UDP port 4991.

Directory Server Software

A variety of directory server's are available for you to download.



Cross Platform

Public Directory Servers

The current available and "reliable" public directory servers are: