Directory Client Protocol

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Core protocol is used as usual. Dirserv specific c2s/s2c protocol.

Continuum sends a sync request and SubSpace doesn't. The list request is sent as reliable. On the traditional directory servers (not catid's), traffic is always encrypted, even if you send a null encryption key.

Directory servers listen on port 4990 for client connections.


0x01 list request
offset size comment
0      1    type 0x01
1      4    minimum players


0x01 list data
offset size comment
0      1    type 0x01
1      4    ip
5      2    port
7      2    player count
9      2    billing (on 0x01 0x00)
11     4    version (0x86 0x00 0x00 0x00)
15     64   name
79     ?    description (should not be longer than around 480-490 in length)
packet repeats from offset 1 until end

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