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BaK: When I think of Subspace, I think of the VIE client that people used (cleverly titled Subspace), which I suppose many of the pages I write also apply to. I guess I don't want people to think features like Cloak or Antiwarp are antiquated.

--i88gerbils 16:03, Mar 9, 2006 (EST): I think I thwarted the bots by renaming their links. It was fun too!

Mine GO BOOM 20:31, Mar 11, 2006 (EST): To roll back farther into the past, in the History page, do a selected diff between the current edit and the one you wish to roll back to. Only when you are applying a diff between the current and some older version will it allow a rollback.

"Downloads do take longer than subgame (needs tweaking)" - fixed( BaK