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Radar Favor & Death Distance

More questions.

  • I don't understand RadarFavor. If 1 is every packet and 3 is every fourth, what is 2? Every other? Every third? I'm confused.
  • DeathDistance: Does this mean the server won't send clients death packets from this far away? And any clue what the unit is? If it's map distance, I'm guessing pixels, but I'm not sure if that's true.

Thanks again. --Cyan~Fire

Smong: I doubt anyone is going to alter these settings. You might want to change RadarFavor if you set MapZoomFactor stupidly high. For now I would leave it as an enumeration. I can't find the page where I wrote all the strings mapping to their types, like Percent -> tenths of a percent, but I think Distance -> tiles.

Edit: I found them at Talk:Bomb_Settings, I think it got moved. Also I take back what I said about Distance, its usage is pretty random.

I guessed pixels because the max value is over 1024. I'll change RadarFavor to an enumeration now, but eventually I'll see if MGB knows anything about it. --Cyan~Fire