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Based on VIE's special Subgame, Subgame (or Subgame2) is the alternate server to ASSS. It was originally made by VIE, but was edited by PriitK to support Continuum. It is closed source, uses more memory, and lacks many of the features ASSS has. Subgame works in connection with a Billing Server to allow users to enter a zone. Old and stable, Subgame is used by most zones today.

.scr files

Subgame saves private arena scores in .scr files, one for each arena. These files are composed of repeating structures that hold score information for one player as follows:

struct PlayerScore
	unsigned long userid;	//given by ?userid command
	unsigned short kills, deaths;
	unsigned short victories;	//incremented on a team victory, player must be in a ship, not spec.
	long killpoints, flagpoints;

Here are two tools to manipulate .scr files.

Change Log

----------------------------- version 1.34.14bs2 ------------------------------
Small update to disable "Unknown Integrity Violation" alerts caused by a yet
unsupported packet.

----------------------------- version 1.34.14bs -------------------------------
Removed handler for 'Process debugger' security warnings, as Cont039pr3 sends
them (as well as your process list) erroneously.

----------------------------- version 1.34.14b --------------------------------
Added new security checks for Continuum 0.39pr2

Fixed rare crash on certain invalid packet sequence

New server.ini variable: Misc:BindIP - local IP address to bind server ports 
to. Useful in multihomed systems only.

----------------------------- version 1.34.14a --------------------------------
New server.ini variable: Misc:BotsIP - clients with that IP are allowed to
exceed packet flood limits

----------------------------- version 1.34.14 ---------------------------------
New server.ini variable: Misc:AllowPrerelease - default 1, when set, users with
new prerelease versions are allowed to play

New cfg variable: Misc:SaveSpawnScore - default 0, when set, server will save
arena score to arenaname.scr file. NB! default setting changes differs from
older subgame versions, where spawn scores were always saved to .scr file and
there was no option to disable it. Disabling .scr file save will make server
run smoother and will prevent server directory filling up with useless files.

Fixed false connection flood alerts

Fixed player not taking damage after macroing ?go arena several times
----------------------------- version 1.34.13c --------------------------------
Added client timer drift percentage to /*einfo

----------------------------- version 1.34.13b --------------------------------
Added support for position packet queueing and smart clustering to save 
bandwidth. To enable it, set in server.ini Routing:QueuePositions:1. Following
variables can be used to control clustering process: 
Routing:PosSendRadar - how long radar packets are queued, default 100 ms 
Routing:PosSendEdge - how long packets on screen edge are queued, default 30 ms
Routing:PosSendClose - how long close packets are queue, default 20 ms
Routing:ClosePosPixels - how near are packets considered close, default 250 

New cfg variable: Misc:MaxTimerDrift - percentage how much client timer is 
allowed to differ from server timer [Continuum 0.38+]

Added support for chat channel multicast to prevent zone<>biller connection
overload on very popular chats like Hockey zone's ?chat=zilla

New cfg variable: Latency:NegativeClientSlowPacketTime - packets with future
timestamp farther in future than this variable are considered as slow packets.
Default value: 0 - feature is disabled. Feature is still experimental.
[Continuum 0.38+]

New cfg variable: Soccer:DisableWallPass - default 0, when set, passing ball
through walls is diabled. There must be clear line between ball and ship 
center to pick up ball [Continuum 0.38+]

New cfg variable: Soccer:DisableBallKilling - default 0, when set, ships with
0 velocity in safezone don't catch ball [Continuum 0.38+]

----------------------------- version 1.34.13a --------------------------------
Fixed extreme lagging bug when subgame was stated when GetTickCount() returned
negative values (Windows has been running without rebooting 25 days)

----------------------------- version 1.34.13 ---------------------------------
Removed incoming bandwidth limit from localhost connections

New cfg variable: Misc:AntiWarpSettleDelay - time in 1/100th seconds after 
warping/portaling/attaching during which artificial antiwarp is activated
[Continuum 0.38+]

New cfg variables: Spawn:Team0-X, Spawn:Team0-Y, Spawn:Team0-Radius - allows
specify spawn location and radius per team. If only Team0 variables are set, 
all teams use them, if Team0 and Team1 variables are set, even teams use Team0
ones and odd team Team1 ones. It is possible to set spawn positions upto 4
teams (Team0-Team3) [Continuum 0.38+]

New cfg variable: Misc:DisableScreenshot - disables Continuum's screenshot
functionality for non-spectators if set to 1 [Continuum 0.37+]

New server.ini variable: Comms:FlushTime - time in millseconds how long server
will collect position packets before sending them to clients. Recommended
setting: 10 - 20

Fixed unauthenticated users (name starting with ^) getting moderator powers
when using billing server proxy and billing server is down

New server.ini variable: Comms:BandwithIdleTime - time in seconds when server
stops sending position packets to idle spectators. Useful to save bandwidth. 
Idle time is also shown in /*einfo now

Fixed server crash when client requested to go to negative frequency

New server.ini variable: Comms:SelectTime - time in millseconds how long server
should wait incoming packet using select() function. This is replacement for 
CPU:SleepTime, which sleeps constant time, regardless if there are incoming
packets waiting processing or not. Recommended settings: Comms:SelectTime:10,
CPU:SleepTime:0 and CPU:SleepPerIteration:0

Fixed bug in Continuum's protocol. NB! Continuum 0.38 will require 1.34.13

----------------------------- version 1.34.12a --------------------------------
Added proxy detection to /*einfo. Proxy is detected for Continuum 0.37 and
later clients. You need to set server IP address in server.ini [Misc] ServerIP
for it to work. 
* Undetermined - SS 1.3x or Continuum 0.36 clients
* SOCKS5 proxy - User is using Continuum's built in SOCKS5 proxy
* Using proxy at localhost - player is using proxy ran in same machine as 
Continuum client. There is no other reason to do so than monitoring or 
tampering with packet stream
* Using custom proxy - player is using custom proxy. Suspect cheating.
* Using NAT - player is using router or firewall doing NAT translation
* Not using proxy - no proxy was detected between client and server

Fixed timer desync and slow FPS sysop messages. Before "Unknown interity 
violation" was displayed

New cfg variable: Misc:StartInSpec - if set, players entering arena are always
put to spectator mode

New server.ini variable: Misc:ForceContinuumOnly - if set server will ignore
ContinuumOnly variable is all cfg files and require Continuum in all arenas

New command: *objset +/-<object id>,+/-<object id>,... - sets state of listed
map/screen objects. +<object id> shows object and -<object id> hides it. For 
example "*objset +1,-20,+13" shows objects 1 and 13 and hides object 20.
Command is meant to replace *objon and *objoff commands and it can be sent
to player privately or to whole arena. Command is meant for humans to use, for
bots there is special packet for toggling objects states which is much more
efficient. See BuildLevel documentation for more info about the objects. 
[Continuum 0.38+]

----------------------------- version 1.34.12 release -------------------------
Added support for zone staff chats. To use local chats set Misc:StaffChat in
server.ini to comma separated chat name list. Only players with moderator and
higher powers can enter these chats and in ?chat these chats are listed as
(staff) chatname

Disabled non-public chat ? commands (ie /?password or '?squadleave) as there 
has beed a lot of accidents where players trying to help others will do the
command without intention

Bugfix in Continuum 0.37 user handling

----------------------------- version 1.34.12pr4 ------------------------------
Fixed a crash bug introduced in 1.34.12pr3 in user sound checking

New command: /*watchdamage - Toggles player damage reporting on/off for 
selected player. When turned on moderator will see something like that:
PriitK took 500 damage from l33t L2 bomb having 1400 nrg [Continuum 0.37+]

----------------------------- version 1.34.12pr3 ------------------------------
Added support for team sounds. Regular users can play sounds %150 - %255 in
team chat, zone sysops can upload these sounds in lvz file

New cfg variable: Misc:MinUsage. Specifies amount of usage in hours for players
to play in arena.

Adding + in front of level files specified by Misc:LevelFiles will make 
downloading them optional for users

----------------------------- version 1.34.12pr2 ------------------------------
Fixed crash when lvz file is specified in cfg, but file is not present

Fixed /*tinfo to display invalid last line

Fixed vip functionality to bypass code checksums

----------------------------- version 1.34.12pr1 ------------------------------
Added collecting of server<-> client clock synchronization info and commad 
/*tinfo to view it. 

Removed printing of XXX killed by YYY to server console

Removed updating of LastUsedStamp for spawn cfg files

New cfg variable: <ship>:Radius. It specifies ship radius in pixels. In old
Subspace all ships have fixed radius 14 pixels. This means that ships will fit
through 2 tile holes, will take damage from weapons 14 pixels away from ship
center etc. Changing the radius will make ships smaller or bigger from game
play aspect, you can also change visual aspect to players by specifying custom
level graphics and also sounds [Continuum 0.37+]

New command: *objon <object id> - shows objects on map/screen with specified 
id. Can be sent to player privately or to whole arena. See BuildLevel 
documentation for more info. [Continuum 0.37+]

New command: *objoff <object id> - hides objects on map/screen with specified
id. Can be sent to player privately or to whole arena. [Continuum 0.37+]

New cfg variable: Misc:LevelFiles. Comma separated list of level files built 
with BuildLevel.exe (lvz files). These files contain screen and map object 
definitions and graphics, custom shipsets, sounds, help texts, etc. See
BuildLevel documentation for more info. [Continuum 0.37+]

New server.ini variable: Misc:AllowVIEClients. When set to 0 Subspace client
users are not allowed to enter zone. (It was actually added a while ago but
I forgot to document it)

Added vip.txt. Players listed in vip.txt can enter zone with old Subspace
client when zone is set to Misc:AllowVIEClients:0 and can play in arenas that
have Misc:ContinuumOnly set to 1 in config. Also players listed can enter zone
with Continuum 0.37 pre-release versions. When billing server is down vip.txt
is ignored, naturally

----------------------------- version 1.34.11 ---------------------------------
New command: /*warpto xcoord ycoord - privately sent to player will warp player 
to given position. Coordinates are given in tiles (1-1023), when there is wall
at specified location, random position is chosen. [Continuum 0.35+]

Modified /*watchgreen to show negative prizes

New cfg variable: Spectator:HideFlags. When set dropped flags are not shown to
spectators. [Continuum 0.36+]

New cfg variable: Spectator:NoXRadar. When set spectators won't have X-Radar
[Continuum 0.36+]

New cfg variable: Bullet:ExactDamage. When set bullet damage is exact, not
random [Continuum 0.36+]

New cfg variable: Misc:SlowFrameRate. Specifies minimum frame rate for client.
When frame rate falls below specified rate for 10 seconds, client is 
disconnected. 0 - disable check, maximum is 35 [Continuum 0.36+]

New cfg variable: <ship>:SeeBombLevel. 1=see all bombs on radar, 2=see bombs
greater than level 1 on radar, 3=see bombs greater than level 2 on radar, 
0 = no bombs are shown on radar [Continuum 0.36+]

New cfg variable: <ship>:DisableFastShooting. When set firing bullets, bombs
and thors is disabled when using afterburner [Continuum 0.36+]

Fixed a bug in Continuum communcation protocol that caused connection to get
stuck infrequently

Added confirmation message to /*warn command

New server.ini variable: Misc:NoFlagRewardLimit. If set non-zero reward 
multiplier limit is removed in FlagRewardMode 1. Multiplier is 
(maximumAllowedPerTeam / numberOfTeamMembers), if NoFlagRewardLimit is set 0
multiplier is limited by 2.

Fixed bug causing infrequent server crashes (Access violation at 
address 41d006)

Fixed another crash bug (Access violation at address 428e20)

Fixed security hole that allows anybody to upload moderate.txt and permit.txt

Fixed 'shadow KOTH' bug. When entering arena other players sometimes see that 
entered player has KOTH, while he doesn't. Happends very seldom, but when it is
triggered all players entering had KOTH and only server shutdown/start would
fix that

Fixed problem of public teams becoming uneven when there are private teams in 

New cfg variable: Misc:ContinuumOnly. When set to 1 non-Continuum players are
locked to spec and get message to use Continuum to play

New cfg variables: Latency:C2SNoDataAction and Latency:C2SNoDataTime. If 
C2SNoDataAction is set to non-zero and there is no data coming from player for 
C2SNoDataTime (in 1/100th seconds) follwing action is performed:
C2SNoDataAction=1: Report it using sysop message
C2SNoDataAction=2: Put player to spec mode
C2SNoDataAction=4; Kick player.
C2SNoDataAction can be combination (sum) of above actions.

Added new ArenaMode 5 (Custom:ArenaMode in server.ini). In arena mode 1-4 
arenaname.cfg is created (copied from server.cfg) every time a user enters a 
spawn. This means that over time cfg files are piling up in server directory
and changes in server.cfg are not reflected in spawns, makeing maintenance of
settings pain in the ass. In ArenaMode 5 if arenaname.cfg is not found, server
will use spawn.cfg.

Fixed bug in server that allowed sending cross-arena private messages so that 
they appear to come from user without name.

New command: *relkills <0 or 1> - toggles sending kills reliably on and off.
Normally server sends kill messages as non-reliable messages if killed player's
bounty is less than 200 (teamkills are always non-reliable). Setting 
*relkills 1 will make server send kill messages reliably, 

New command: /*bandwidth <bandwidth> - allow to set cutback watermark per 
player, overriding arena's Latency:CutbackWatermark setting

----------------------------- version 1.34.10 ---------------------------------
New command: *warn <text> - privately sent to player will display moderator
warning using red font to player

Fixed problem with keepalive. After sending large amouts of data, such as
voice messages, settings, etc players got often kicked with low keepalive 

Added client version display to /*einfo

Fixed 3 buffer length checking/overflow bugs in lowlevel protocol

Added ability to disable *shutdown command as sysops can execute arbitrary 
commands with it and it is potential threat to host security. To disable 
*shutdown create noshutdown directory to server directory. Don't forget to
set file permissions of that directory if sysops have FTP access

Tons of continuum client releated changes

----------------------------- version 1.34.9 ----------------------------------
Fixed protection against IP spoofed packet floods. Made a simple mistake and 
left it open to smart flooders. Smack me

New command: *flags - displays locations of uncarried flags

New command: /*greeninfo - displays how many particular prizes player has
picked up and it's difference from normal distribution

Added displaying of client type to /*einfo to distinquish between VIE and
Continuum clients

----------------------------- version 1.34.8 ----------------------------------
Added protection against IP spoofed packet floods

Fix against another DoS attack (voice sending with incomplete packet)

New sysop command: *lag: shows average lag of all players in zone

?getnews is now available only in spectator mode

----------------------------- version 1.34.7 ----------------------------------
Added fix against Catid's zone flooder. When flood is detected IP address is
added to blacklist and all traffic from that IP is ignored for time relative
to amount of flood received. Flooder's IP is reported once using sysop alert

Added fastbombing detection. To enable it set Misc:CheckFastBombing in 
server.ini as combination (sum) of following values:
 1 - Send sysop alert when fastbombing is detected
 2 - Filter out fastbombs
 4 - Kick fastbombing player off
There is Misc:FastBombingThreshold variable in server.ini to tune detection.
Default and recommended value for that variable is 30. Bomb/mine is considered
for fastbombing if delay between 2 bombs/mines is less than 
ship:BombFireDelay - Misc:FastBombingThreshold

Added support for multiple alert commands. Misc:AlertCommand is now comma
separated list of player alert commands (f.ex. cheater,help,illegal)

Alert commands are now logged to server log

Added support for zone local chats. To use local chats set Misc:LocalChat in
server.ini to comma separated chat name list

Added ability to force obscene checking on for all clients. To enable it set
Misc:ForceObsceneCheck in server.ini to 1. Users can toggle obscenity blocking
by ?obscene command

Added new player command: ?find <player name>. Tells in what arena specified
player is if not in private arena (starting with #). Moderators can find
players in private arenas too

Players with name ^Banned are silenced and locked to spec

Added feature to limit player's screen resolution. To enable set in an arena
cfg file Misc:MaxXRes and Misc:MaxYRes variables. 0 = no limit

Added scorereset support without need to recycle zone (needs same functionality
to be added to billing server before it can be used)

----------------------------- version 1.34.6 ----------------------------------
Fix against Sage386's DoS attack (At least one that crashed Trench Wars and
I have crash dump about). It is a simple buffer overflow bug in login code

New sysop command *version. Tells version for the server

Added weapons server to client packetloss to /*lag command

----------------------------- version 1.34.5 ----------------------------------
Added weapons checking. To enable it set in server.ini Misc:CheckWeapons:1
If enabled follwing checks are preformed:
* Bullet fired with level > [ship]MaxGuns + [Flag]FlaggerGunUpgrade
* Boucning bullet fired and [PrizeWeight]BouncingBullets is 0 and [Cost]Bounce
  is 0
* Bomb fired with level > [ship]MaxBombs + [Flag]FlaggerBombUpgrade
* Prox bomb fired and [PrizeWeight]Proximity is 0 and [Cost]Prox is 0
* Bomb fired with shrap > [ship]ShrapnelMax
* Bomb fired with bouncing shrap and [PrizeWeight]BouncingBullets is 0 and
  [Cost]Bounce is 0
* Mine is fired and [ship]MaxMines is 0
* A prize is picked up and [PrizeWeight] of that prize is 0
* Stealth is turned on and [ship]StealthStatus is 0
* Cloak is turned on and [ship]CloakStatus is 0
* XRadar is turned on and [ship]XRadarStatus is 0
* Anti-Warp is turned on and [ship]AntiWarpStatus is 0
* Player uses ufo

If one of the above conditions is true red sysop alert message is triggered and
that weapon packet is ignored. If [security]SecurityKickoff is 1 in server.cfg
file player is kicked out too. Check is deactiveded for smod+

Added functinality to enable mod/smod/sysop commands only in certain arenas. 
Access is controlled via moderate.txt/smod.txt/sysop.txt. To restrict access
append to moderate.txt/smod.txt/sysop.txt:
If arenaname is empty access is granted in main (public) arenas. If arenaname
is @ access is granted in all private (not main) arenas. Here is an example of
smod.txt to grant smod access to PriitK in all arenas, to Foobar in public
arenas only, to Poophead in all private arenas and to Lagger in elim and super

New cfg variable: Misc:MaxPlayers. Overrides server.ini's Arena:ArenaMaxPlayers
variable for a spawn

New server.ini variable: Misc:ShipTypeSwitchResetPeriod. If set non-zero player
shipchange counters are reset in given period. It allows to set 
Security:MaxShipTypeSwitchCount low to kick out players that use ship changes
to get good configuration or spawning spot

New cfg variable: Misc:GreetMessage. It is sent to player when s/he enters

New cfg variables: Misc:PeriodicMessage0-PeriodicMessage4. Value must have
following syntax: <period> <delay> [*]<text>
If set and players are in spawn <text>s starting with * are sent out as zone
messages and without * as arena messages. <period> <delay> are in minutes,
<delay> indicates when first message is sent after arena creation.

New command: /*watchgreen. Toggles player green pickup logging on/off for
selected player. Then turned on, moderator who did it will receive notification
message every time when that player picks up green

New command: /*einfo. Displays player billing user id and screen resolution

New command: /*lag. Displays player ping and packetloss

New command: ?lag. Displays ping and packetloss

New commads: *getfile, *putfile and *delfile. Allow sysop to get/put/delete
files from server directory. exe, com, dll, bat and cmd files are offlimits.
Following commands were removed: get/putsysoplist, get/putsmodlist, 
get/putnews, get/putobscene

New command: *listban. Lists all active /*kill <minutes> bans with machine id,
time in seconds since ban was made, ban length in seconds

New command: *removeban <machineid>. Removes a /*kill <minutes> ban

----------------------------- version 1.34.4 ----------------------------------
New command: /*ufo

New command: /*super. If player isn't smod+ server will give data checksum

New command: ?scorereset and 2 server.ini settings: Misc:AllowPubScorereset and

New command: *listmod - lists all mods+ in zone. SMod+ access is required for
this commad

Fixed flag neuting: New server.ini setting Misc:TimerDropFlagTerritoryRadius
same as Flag:FlagTerritoryRadius, but will used only if flags are dropped when
timer expires. So, if you set Flag:FlagTerritoryRadius to 0 and 
Misc:TimerDropFlagTerritoryRadius to 8 flags will be respawned on freq/ship

Removed /*setfreq restrictions

Fixed bug that caused occasional zone crashes

----------------------------- version 1.34.3 ----------------------------------
? commands flooding protection (?chat macro)

freq change flooding protection (=%freq macro in spec)

New command: *specall - puts all players in arena to spec, but doesn't lock
them. Usual access restrictions apply: mods and smods cant spec sysops and mods

New server.ini variable: Misc:NoAntiInSafe. If set to non-zero antiwarp is 
disabled in safe zones

New server.ini variable: Misc:LockFreqs. If set to non-zero freq changing when
arena is locked is disabled

New server.ini variable: Misc:PositionDataAccess. Extra position data is really 
information about the player ship. It is displayed to spectators in the top of
screen (energy, rockets, walls, portals, etc). Normally only sysops see it, but
it can be configured in server.cfg via Misc:ExtraPositionData so, that all
players see it. It is not recommended, because it increases bandwidth players
use about 50% thus increasing ping/packetloss. This variable controls, who see
extra data. 0 - only sysops, 1 - smod+, 2 - mod+. It is meaningful only if 
Misc:ExtraPositionData is 0 in server.cfg

New server.ini variable: Misc:AlertCommand. Replacement to BanG ?cheater
command. Players can type ?<Misc:AlertCommand> <text>, that <text> is sent to
all mods+ who are in the zone. Command is disabled, if value of this variable
is empty.

Negative bounty fix. Negative bounty is ignored and will trigger red sysop