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What is ASSS and why is it better than subgame?

A Small Subspace Server (ASSS) is a replacement, and not simply a clone of subgame. It allows a Server Administrator to customize the server by adding and removing Modules, changing the moderator heirarchy, and much, much more. Additionally, ASSS is developed to be open source making it easier for additional developers to fix Bugs, add features, and add custom Modules.

I expect it uses less system resources to run as well (unlike cpu hogging subgame).

Does it run on Windows?

Yes. Grelminar maintains a Windows build in addition to his Linux build.

Does it run on Linux?

Yes. ASSS was designed primarily for Linux and therefore works wonderfully on it.

How hard is it to install?

Dead simple if you know what you are doing. But it can be like moving a mountain if you don't know how to double click.

Why not just use a bot?

ASSS can simply do more than bots can.

  • Because modules are a direct part of the server, things like stats and points can be easily manipulated using ASSS.
  • New game types can be added so that they mesh seamlessly with everything else.
  • Spawning new bots for every new subarena is not only a pain, it is sometime impractical. ASSS modules are there as soon as the new subarena is created.
  • You can use server side commands. You won't ever have to cycle through your recent private message list to PM a bot again.