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(D1s: Just a thought, but wouldn't it be better to be 1 page with a table of contents?... I'd do it but I don't know how) (ed: To be an online template.sss)

Smong: I think the page names should be prefixed with the [section], although I don't think you can use : as the bit on the left becomes a namespace or something.

Whatever makes it easier to just type into the search somesection:somesetting to get help on it. Maybe experiment with some page names and content to see what comes up in the search.

Some things I dont like

When viewing a page its hard to tell where it belongs. I clicked Mode on the recent edit page and all I saw was what it does. Wheres this at? I dont know. You guys can subcat the Settings more to get the actual settings section involved, be alot easier.


Way too many pages

It would be much nicer to just have all the bomb settings on the page for the [Bomb] section. I mean, right now it's just silly. We're trying to make up for the simplistic search. I mean someone can still type JitterTime and get to the Bomb page, right? --Cyan~Fire

Smong: Categories don't get used in the search though. Although I agree with Pests you can't tell where a setting is from, so if you end up at a setting page from a search you don't get the full picture. You need to at least say which section the setting comes from, fx: Misc. Maybe even which file, server.cfg, server.ini, etc/

So wouldn't the obvious fix be having each setting on its section's page? --Cyan~Fire

I always thought it would be nice to have it threaded as well as separate pages. So that a newb would click on server.ini/server.cfg/arena.cfg/whatever and it would take them to Settings which would let them explore through the various settings for the one they're looking up. Then, when working with modules that require certain settings, the individual settings can be linked from that page as well.

But right now they're pretty much floating with only a single tie back to the Settings page. --i88gerbils

If they're all on their sections' pages, then anybody browsing can very quickly find a description of what they're looking for and a general user can reasonably quickly find a setting's section with the search. (Example: Try typing "JitterTime", it comes right up.) --Cyan~Fire

Does everyone agree with getting rid of the old settings pages (like "Bomb")? And the individual key pages? --Cyan~Fire

OK, for some reason I got the motivation tonight to start processing this stuff. So, you will see a lot of deletes. But don't worry, I'm making sure all of the information on the individual pages gets put on the section pages. --Cyan~Fire

Should this be categories instead of pages?

Pests: This seems to be partly what we tried to ignore, pages with links to other pages that could be done with a new category. For example, the PrizeWeight page Cyan just edited could be made into a category and all settings beloing to it could be pages added to that category. That solves the problem with not knowing where it came form and lets you do things as you wish any not worry about lists which have to be manually updated.

I also think Settings should be made into a parent category, doesnt seem right as a tutorial. Perhaps only put subgame-specific commands and put it into the subgame category.

I agree, it doesn't fit under tutorial. I also (still) think that having one page for every stupid settings is stupid, catagory or not. --Cyan~Fire

Its an easy fix, make a root category or place it under subgame or whatnot? Pests

Make it a root. ASSS stuff can go there, too. --Cyan~Fire

Agreed. Going to change it now. Pests 23:38, Jan 14, 2005 (EST)

In response to your history comment, this doesn't seem like a document to me. It really does fit in its own catagory. --Cyan~Fire

Smong: I will always look at template.sss.txt or clientset.def.txt before I come here to search for settings. Unless of course it is an 'undocumented' setting or something from a custom module.

Idea on how to do pages

I was thinking, wouldnt it look nice if you did something to make catagories collapsable?



Non Collapsed:

++L1 Bombs
++L1 Bullets
++Repel Speed
ect....btw, its just a suggestion, it will look nice and neat --Chambahs

It would look neat, but would it really be all that useful? If you want to find a setting, use search. If you want to browse a section's settings, go to that section's page. --Cyan~Fire

Pests: Every setting should now be on the wiki (well, at least those in the settings file). What are we going to do about the single 1 setting per page pages we had? Continue doing them? Delete the ones that have been done? Right now they are cluttering up the settings category when looking for a section.

Get rid of them. --Cyan~Fire

Can we please keep the formatting that I had up? It is a nice way of displaying the necessary info. about a particular setting. Thank you. --i88gerbils

Pests: Are they really needed at this time though?

Smong: The wiki is slow who is going to use all these settings pages anyway? It would be better for someone to make a custom website and just link to it.

It's better than a bland description that isn't organized... i88gerbils

Your allowed to go though the settings pages and change descriptions. Pests

The settings format that you liked, gerbils, was a little un-newbie-friendly, in my opinion. --Cyan~Fire

ASSS Settings

The ASSS settings at the top are a little lonesome. Would anybody who knows ASSS a little better than me like to fill them a little more? --Cyan~Fire

Smong: It seems the Settings redirect doesn't show the 'Articles in category "Settings"' bit.