Brick Settings

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[Brick] These settings determine how an arena treats bricks. The following are used in both ASSS's arena.conf and Subgame.


Datatype: Hundredths of seconds.

How long bricks last.


Datatype: Tiles.

Length of a line of bricks.


The following settings are only supported by ASSS.


Datatype: Enumeration (default: BRICK_VIE).

How bricks behave when they are dropped.

  • BRICK_VIE=improved vie style
  • BRICK_AHEAD=drop in a line ahead of player
  • BRICK_LATERAL=drop laterally across player
  • BRICK_CAGE=drop 4 bricks simultaneously to create a cage


Datatype: Boolean (default: yes).

Whether bricks snap to the edges of other bricks (as opposed to only snapping to walls)