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[Bomb] These are subgame and ASSS settings for bombs in an arena. They are all sent to and handled by the client in the Settings Structure. Note that all bomb levels share the same damage level, but differ in their blast radius. If you'd like to experiment with the above settings, you can do so with the Bomb Calculator. Thors obey the bomb settings.


Datatype: Energy.

Amount of damage a bomb causes at its center point (for all bomb levels).


Datatype: Hundredths of seconds.

Time a bomb can fly before is disappears. This is really a networking setting and not a weapon setting, so the default should be sufficient.

This setting can be used to control the range of bombs and can be used to restrict line bombing.

If your settings allow a lot of bombs to be flying around at once, lowering the value of this setting can improve frame rates.


Datatype: Hundredths of seconds.

How long after the proximity sensor is triggered before bomb explodes. (Note: it explodes immediately if ship moves away from it after triggering it.)


Datatype: Pixels.

Initial blast radius for a bomb, then multiplied by bomb level (so L1 gets this, L2 gets double, etc.). Note that this is purely the damage radius, not affected by prox.


Datatype: Tiles.

Radius of proximity trigger of an L1 bomb. Each bomb level adds 1 to this amount.


Datatype: Hundredths of seconds.

How long the screen jitters from a bomb hit.


Datatype: Boolean (0=no, 1=yes).

Enables a firing safety for proximity bombs. If an enemy ship is within proximity radius, the firing safety will not let the user fire.


Datatype: Hundredths of seconds.

Maximum time an EMP bomb suspends recharge. When the EMP hits the player indirectly (through the blast radius), this time is reduced.


Datatype: Tenths of a percent. (1000 = 100%, 2000 = 200%.)

Percentage of normal damage applied to an EMP bomb.


Datatype: Tenths of a percent. (1000 = 100%, 2000 = 200%.)

Percentage of normal damage applied to a bouncing bomb. Note that even though a bouncing bomb loses its bouncing picture after the last bounce, it retains this percentage modifier.