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Pests: Anything you guys can think of that needs to be done at the moement?

Smong: Moving every Q and A from FAQ over here.

Pests: Sounds good but I think MGB should comment on this first.

Mine GO BOOM 20:55, Jan 13, 2005 (EST): This is beyond me now. I helped subspace a long, long time again and just continue to keep trying. If you want to move the old FAQs over, go ahead. Just remember to update them a bit, as I wrote them when I was around 15 or so, when I though I knew a bit about English/grammar. Now Firefox helps me out with that...

Pests: Thanks. Heh, what a bad place to make a typo. :) Smong, want to do this task togeather or try to leave it for others to do? Lets talk on msn/icq next time your on.

Smong: I don't feel like doing such a big task (but I'll start if no one else wants to). Can anyone write a perl script or something that will rip all the original FAQ and put it in a format that Special:Import understands? Or just in wiki format so you can paste it in.

Pests: Import isnt ready for this release. :)