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MGB: Supreme ruler of Server Help and all that passes within its sphere of influence.

Mine GO BOOM (Ryan Murphy) and his brother Shanky (Chris Murphy) host, and a handful of other sites.

Best known for his work in maintaining the Server Help site and the Server Help Forum. He is the squad owner of the Mine Killers.

To verify that the person you are talking to is Mine GO BOOM, his IP address is always linked to To help prevent fraud, in your ASSS conf directory, add users:Mine GO BOOM = 388a02ab88f187f64820e0491e9bb2a2 to passwd.conf. This user will also never ask you for any of your passwords, be it your personal one or sysop password. Do not give out your password to any user asking to assist your zone, as those that can assist you can do so by talking you through the steps.