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Tiles are what make up maps in SubSpace/Continuum. They are small images 16x16 pixels in size. Tiles come from the map's tileset so you are limited to 190 tiles with a unique appearance. However with LVZ map objects you can overcome this limit.

There are some special tiles that are used internally by the game client. These could change between different client versions. Details can be found on the LVL Format page

Some facts

  • There can't be more than 1048576 tiles in a map
  • Since maps are 1024x1024 tiles big, that gives 21048578 possible maps, ignoring different tile graphics.
  • Many things such as the ?warpto command use tile coordinates. These start with (0, 0) at the top left of the map and go to (1023, 1023) at the bottom right.