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This is a guide for sysop functions that are very basic. Stuff such as adding players to modlist and changing maps.

Adding New Staffer to Staff Moderator List

Doing so will enable staffers to being moderators of those arenas.


You will recieve a modlist.txt. Open it up and you will see something like...

/// Senior Refs ///          <Title of group
//Maeniel+                   <Name of staffer
//+Maeniel+:4v4              <Arena of power
//+Name:Arena                <Arena of power

Just rename all the above to suit your zone. When complete save the file and then...


Will take about 2 minutes to update then have the staffer re-login.

Some zones use a technique of making their helpers a moderator in an unkown arena so they are able to see ?help messages. This however is not the case for all zones, some have their own bot setup to add helpers on a low level which will allow them to see the ?help messages without being moderator.

Adding LVZs

*getfile server.cfg
server is our default, for an arena you will need the name of your arena .cfg. Example: subarena1.cfg

Scroll down till you see LevelFiles, you will see a list of all your enabled lvz's, simply add the name of your lvz to the file and then...

*putfile server.cfg

After you've done this feel free to upload you lvz's to put with

*putfile lvzname.lvz

It takes a couple of minutes again to upload but you'll see when it's up as you re-enter the zone there will be a new download.

Note: you only need to do the LevelFiles part for every new lvz, after it's up there skip all the steps except *putfile lvzname.lvz

Uploading new map


*putfile mapname.lvl

It'll kick everyone and just log back in. Make sure map name is the same as the arena. This will only be different in the case of your own public map (first one as you enter) so find out what yours is.

Creating New Arenas

Simply go to the name of the new arena and

*putfile mapname.lvl

After this you will be kicked, re-login go back to the arena and

?setlevel mapname

Mapname should be the same as setlevel name.