MySQL Database Setup

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Installing MySQL

Detailed MySQL instructions can be found at

Getting ASSS and MySQL talking

  1. In modules.conf, enable database:mysql and database:aliasdb.
  2. After getting MySQL installed (and functioning), install the MySQL administrator (NT based Windows, Linux, and OS X are supported) which is also found on the MySQL download page.
  3. Create a user, a password for this user, and a database in MySQL. The default is "asss" for the user name and database name, and your choice on the password.
  4. Assign permissions between the user and the database.
  5. In global.conf in the [mysql] section change the user name, password, and the table name to what you have chosen above. The hostname should be localhost if MySQL is running on the same computer the server is. Otherwise you can use an IP address.

A sample would look like:

password=whatever you selected for a password

Good Luck!