Game Protocol FAQ

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How are the news.txt and map checksums computed?

They both use a CRC32 algorithm. The popular zlib library has these functions.

Why do I get disconnected for no data?

Once you have entered an arena you must send position packets regularly to stay connected.

Why do I sometimes get two position packets with the same timestamp?

Chances are you got two 0x05 weapon packets or one 0x05 weapon and one 0x28 position. It is possible to fire a weapon right after the client has just sent a position.

Can I get LVZ by using the VIE protocol?

Yes, but you can either get all the LVZ, or none. You do not have a choice when it comes to optional LVZ. This currently only works on ASSS. See Game Protocol's login packet.

Do file transfers use compression?

The news.txt and the map are sent by the server compressed with zlib. All other filetrans are uncompressed.

What port should I be using?

Connect using the server's main port. Port + 1 is used for measuring pings and getting the player count.