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This article explains how to setup a flag game on ASSS. All flag games require a flag module attached to the arena. ASSS comes with two flag game types, basing and turf.

Setting up Basing

The basing module is a python module called fg_wz. There are a few more modules that handle points, jackpot, points_flag and points_periodic. Add these lines to the bottom of modules.conf if they are not already there:

<py> fg_wz

For the module to be attached to the arena it must be in the Modules:AttachModule setting of arena.conf. Here is an example with other common modules attached, note only points_flag, points_periodic and fg_wz need to be attached for basing.

AttachModules = fm_normal points_kill points_flag points_periodic fg_wz

The fg_wz module obeys some settings in the [Flag] section. The other modules also have some settings.

It is a good idea to seperate out the flag settings from the other arena settings. This can be done with '#include' as shown in this arena.conf:

#include flags.conf

The file flags.conf should be in same directory as arena.conf (make one if necessary). Here are a few settings that can be used to configure a basing flag game:

; 5 to 7 flags (replaces the MaxFlags/RandomFlags setting from subgame)
FlagCount = 5 - 7
; when a game is won the points awarded will be:
; jackpot + players * players * flagreward / 1000

; 150 points per flag owned awarded every 4 minutes

; how much of the kill points should be added to the jackpot. in tenths of a percent.