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These are file commands for use on ASSS.

Uploading and downloading files within the game

?getfile <path>

This will retrieve a file from the server and download it into your client directory. Useful paths to know are maps and arenas where maps and arenas are located respectively.

?getfile arenas/(default)/arena.conf
File received: arena.conf

?putfile <local path>[:<destination path>]

Don't be put off by the complexity of this command. It can be used like a normal *putfile:

?putfile news.txt
Sending file: news.txt
File received: ./news.txt

You can supply an optional destination path by using a colon:

?putfile local.lvl:maps/local.lvl
Sending file: local.lvl
File received: ./maps/local.lvl

The path is relative to the base directory where asss has been installed. You can also change the filename using the colon method.

?putfile arena.conf.bak:arenas/(public)/arena.conf
Sending file: arena.conf.bak
File received: ./arenas/(public)/arena.conf

?putzip <>[:<destination path>]

This is similar to ?putfile. The optional part after colon is used to specify a target directory rather than a file. The zip file will be uncompressed into this directory or the current working directory (see ?pwd). Any directory tree structure in the zip file is ignored and files from the .zip will overwrite any duplicate files. Note: This command is not available when running ASSS on Windows.

?putmap <somemap.lvl>

This will upload somemap.lvl to maps/uploads/arenaname.lvl where arenaname is the arena you are currently in. It appends a setting to arena.conf to use this map. You will need to reload the arena for the changes to take effect, you can use the ?recyclearena command to do this.

?sendfile <somefile.ext>

If you private message this command to another player, it will transfer somefile.ext to them. Both players must be in spectator mode first. somefile.ext must be in the same directory as your game client, for example C:\Program Files\Continuum.

Helper commands

There are two helper commands that can be used with these three, ?cd and ?pwd.

?cd <path>

With this command you can change the current directory. By default it will start off as ., the base directory for the asss install.

?cd arenas/(public)
Changed working directory.

You shouldn't use .. or end the path with /. This command is different from the cd command that you would find in a shell in that the parameter is always taken to be relative to the asss base directory.


The print working directory command shows where you are currently located.

Current working directory: .

?renfile <filename>:<new filename>

This command will rename a file. The path is relative to the current directory. If the destination file already exists, it will be replaced (due to a bug, replacing won't work on Windows in versions <= 1.3.5). This command can be used to move files between directories.

?delfile <filename>

This will delete a file, so use caution with this. Again the path is relative to the current working directory.