Creating New Subarenas

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To create a new arena type ?makearena (arena name). Settings changes made in this arena will now only apply to this arena.

It's a good idea to not be in the target arena when sending the command.

To change the map, change the location of the file in the [General] Section. Or when in the arena you can use ?putmap <mapname.lvl>, the map will be uploaded from your client directory to maps/uploads/ and the arena.conf modified accordingly.

The long way

You can use a small arena.conf that starts off looking something like this:

;"arena name" date

#include conf/svs/svs.conf

Map = _arenaname.lvl

AttachModules = \
	fm_normal \

; changed settings:

And then you can add to it as you develop the arena. Placing the map and lvz in the same directory (arenas/arenaname) makes things easier to backup.

Note the map name is prefixed with an underscore, this prevents users from going to an arena with the same name as the map. This is because if you named the arena differently from the map (fx: #secrettesting and eventname.lvl, players going to eventname will not get the correct settings).

Other stock modules that can be attached are points_goal, points_flag, points_periodic and koth to name a few. The backslash indicates that the setting carries on to the next line. It can be used to make things look neater.

The comment 'changed settings' is there because when settings are edited in game they are appended to the end of arena.conf.

After heavy in game editing of the settings there will be a lot of redundant settings in arena.conf which will inflate the size of the file:

; set by x on Mon Feb 16 16:36:52 2004
warbird:initialbounty = 20

; set by x on Fri Feb 20 12:35:54 2004
warbird:initialbounty = 30

Note: ASSS uses the last occurrence of a setting, whereas subgame uses the first. You can use a conf cleaner such as confclean, or you could use scripts/ on server.set from ?getsettings (you can find server.set in your client directory).