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CypherJF: I haven't found this yet, but anyone know of a [full] UDP biller protocol document anywhere? In either case, I'd like to see one put up sometime.

Smong: Last time I looked for this I was told to just look at catid's biller. It's all in there. My attitude at the time was 'I don't do c++' and didn't look into it.

CypherJF: Same here. I know 2dragons was going to type it up sometime for me, but I think he's been busy with other things. I also was told to talk to Lord Maucaub, but haven't suceeded.

Explody ThingyIve dealth with the UDP Billing protocol before. It too has the core protocol, but it is easily extractable from the biller source. Catid, as I recall, outlines it clearly in roughly the same format as I posted here