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D1s: Anybody wanna format this int a table of contents? I'm lazy

Smong: That is sick. Maybe split into more pages? Says it is over 160k.

Pests: There is already pages defined. You could just split them up into that.

OK, I'm working on converting it to real HTML (using <pre>) instead of the &nbsp; crap. --Cyan~Fire

CypherJF: Should we just call this "the bot tutorial" based on the tutorial by Underlord? Then update it accordingly? -- And also, the link to MervBot w/e 37 is now 45; should we just comment that this tutorial was writen for the 37 -- or... comments! lol.


Well, I'm using sscanf() for parsing player input. Yes, an advanced function, but maybe it will discourage C++ newbs from making bot plugins. Any comments? --Cyan~Fire

D1st0rt: Cool beans. I learned something new :D

Event list

Removed event list because it was redundant with dllcore.h, less descriptive, and too easy to get out-of-date. Anybody who wants it back, please post here so I can ignore you. :-D --Cyan~Fire

CypherJF: Like people are really going to read through the dllcore.h file.. on a webpage tutorial. hmm i think not. I still say keep it there.

If someone doesn't make the effort to look up events in dllcore.h, they shouldn't be making plugins. I think of this tutorial as more of a "here are the basics and intricacies of making a MERVBot plugin" more than "here is how to follow step-by-step instructions and call it programming". --Cyan~Fire

Even I look up things in dllcore.h

Extra Code Samples

CypherJF: I'd like to somehow split these up better; and make them linkable, what do you guy's think?

CypherJF: I made sub-headers, and so they'll be added into the table of contents. Let me know what you guys think of it.

Alrighty, looks good. One thing I would ask is to try to save up a bunch of edits in a text editor or something, than have the myriad edits you do now. Thanks for sharing the burden with me! --Cyan~Fire