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Here are the solutions to various problems that can occur with ASSS, Subgame, or both. If you are unfamiliar with INIs (INItialization files), please read the INI guide. Also, please use catid's SSBiller 2 instead of the usual subbill as the former uses less system resources and reports errors far more clearly.

See also: Solutions for Server/Biller Problems.

My Zone is Red

The first step to take when your zone is red is to make sure you can use it through a custom zone. To do this, open the Zones dialog in Continuum, and click the "Add Custom Zone..." button. In the dialog that pops up, type in your zone's name, the port from Misc:Port, and for the IP. (This will only work if you are playing on the same computer that is running subgame.) Then click ok to both dialogs, and find the manually added zone on the zones list and try entering. If you still cannot enter the zone, post on the Server Help Forums for more specific help.

If you can get into the zone with the custom zone setup, now follow the instructions here.

Billing/subgame communication issues.

The following are solutions to the common miscommunication problems between subgame and your Biller. It is assumed that you are hosting both the biller and subgame yourself. If you are not, the following advice may not be valid.

The subgame2 console says 'Client connection request from billing server ignored'

You need to change the Billing:IP in server.ini to localhost instead of

The subbill console says ': Unknown packet type: 36'

You need to run the server and biller on different ports.






The Continuum window says "Not accepting new connections"

Set subbill.ini's Misc:AllowNewUsers to 1.

The subgame2 console repeats "Attempting to..."

You need to specify the correct IP and Port in the [Billing] section of server.ini. Make sure Billing:Port matches up with subbill.ini's Misc:Port (and both should be different from the server.ini's Misc:Port). If you are running your Biller on the same machine as subgame, set server.ini's Billing:IP to localhost.

The biller window says something about a "Bad Password"

Make sure server.ini's Billing:Password contains the same value as subbill.ini's Misc:Password.

The biller window displays "Invalid Login"

Make sure server.ini's Billing:GroupID is greater than 0. Unless you know how to setup billing GroupOps, it is recommended to leave this set to 1. Also, make sure Billing:ScoreID and Billing:ServerID are set to the same value as Misc:Port.

No permission to play in zone

If Continuum reports "You do not have permission to play in this zone." and subgame shows "Invalid login packet received", then subgame is not reading your continuum executable correctly. Make sure you have a "version1" folder in the same folder as subgame with a copy of continuum.exe renamed as subspace.exe inside.

Subgame closes almost immediately after execution

Most likely the file specified in Misc:DefaultLevelFile in server.ini is not present in the server directory. Make sure it is spelled correctly.