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Underlined Links? WTF

Why are all the links underlined all of a sudden? Is this a personal setting?

Well I found the setting in misc:personal settings, but it doesn't work help! and why is the default ugly underlined? --bak

The links only underline for me when I hover over them. I checked me settings and the checkbox to underline links is checked (by default I think). --smong


Since the pages here load somewhat slowly, you may have noticed I'm trying to combine pages as much as I can. So I tried to incorporate all the Browse stuff into the main page. If anybody wants something else, please add it. Also, if everyone's happy with this, I'll delete the Browse page. (I didn't link it since it might get deleted, sorry.) --Cyan~Fire

Mine GO BOOM 14:42, May 22, 2005 (EDT): I commented out all the old comments for now, since it was getting hard to read over the page. It might be useful to just edit them out, since its stored in the History anyways. As for why its going slow, its because someone else on this co-host is getting about 5 spam emails a second and exim/spamd cannot handle it. I've already complained to the host about it, and he says he will attempt to figure out if its all coming from one block, and if so, block them.

For non-users, caching is already turned on, so its pretty snappy then, as the cache will stay valid until someone edits a page. I do like how the main page is turning out.

Subspace > SubSpace

Akai: <rolls eyes>

Mine GO BOOM 09:27, May 28, 2005 (EDT): Go run the VIE Subspace. What does it say in its title?

It says "SubSpace", as Akai has been promoting. And it's VIE Subspace. --Cyan~Fire

Mine GO BOOM 20:33, Jan 14, 2006 (EST): To prevent spammers, blocked all clients who don't send a user agent. This is the only common theme (beyond adding filtering code to the wiki itself) with all the bots.


Mine GO BOOM 20:56, Mar 11, 2006 (EST): As it seems that the Wiki people don't care about automated spam bots, I had to do some of my own little hacking. This means, instead of some fancy scheme, I'll just add a simple human trick. In the Login/Create new Account page, there is a little check box (with a pretty variable name) that isn't on any other wiki site. That has to be checked for a new account to be created. If a human forgets it, the error message tells you so. And as you cannot edit a page without creating an account, this is a simple fix.