Shrapnel Settings

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[Shrapnel] These settings determine the characteristics of Bomb Shrapnel.


Datatype: Pixels per 10 seconds.

Speed that shrapnel travels.


Datatype: Energy.

Damage shrapnel causes in its first 1/4 second of life. Though it is not suggested in the default files, this number is only a base. Inactive shrapnel also seems to change based on gun level. L1 inactive shrapnel does 0 damage. L2 deals this setting worth of damage. L3 deals twice as much, and L4 inactive shrapnel (only attainable when you have no gun at all) deals triple.


Datatype: Tenths of a percent (0=0% 1000=100% 2000=200%).

Percentage of normal bullet damage applied to shrapnel (relative to same level). Note that shrapnel does obey Bullet:ExactDamage.


Datatype: Boolean (0=no, 1=yes).

Whether shrapnel spreads randomly instead of in the standard circle pattern.