Security Settings

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[Security] These settings configure various actions subgame takes to keep an arena free of accidental or intentional unfair advantages.


Datatype: Tenths of a percent.

If a client doesn't receive this percentage or greater of weapons packets, the server will kick it out. Damage is calculated by the clients, so a high percentage could possibly keep a player from dying.


Datatype: Boolean (1=yes, 0=no).

Whether server will kick clients out for security violations.


Datatype: Count.

Maximum number of suicides before player is kicked. Note that suicides no longer exist, so this setting has no effect.


Datatype: Count.

Maximum allowed ship changes. A player changing ship any more times will be removed from the arena. This is to prevent a player from changing ship to avoid lethal hits.


Datatype: Count.

Maximum allowed amount of modified packets. A player sending any more modified packets will trigger a security violation.


Datatype: Count.

Number of deaths without firing (in a row) before a player is removed from the arena.