Port Forwarding

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Subgame and ASSS both require a port to be open for them to work. This means any software firewall on your system needs to permit incoming connections to the server software. Also, on your router if you have one (usually blue/grey box between cable/DSL modem and your computer), you will need to forward ports so incoming connections are sent to your computer.

The port range you'll need to forward can be found in your server.ini under Misc:Port. You'll need to forward both this port value and the value one above this.

Example: If your [Misc] Port=1200, you'll need to forward both 1200 and 1201. If you do not correctly forward the port one above that choosen in the settings, no one will be able to ping your zone, and it will look red on Continuum's menu.

You can test your settings with the Gibson Research Corporation's Shield's Up! utility to make sure the respective port numbers are correctly being forwarded (and are opened) to the server machine.