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I want to put in more modules, how do I do this?

For C modules:

To add modules to a zone, to be loaded on startup, edit your conf/modules.conf file, and add a new line containing filename:modulename. The filename part must be the name of an .so or .dll file in the zone's bin directory.

Or you can dynamically load the module in-game by using ?insmod filename:modulename. You can use ?help insmod for more info.

For Python modules:

Mostly the same thing, except you must append the line <py> modulename in modules.conf or type ?insmod <py> modulename in-game. The modulename should be the name of a .py file in your zone's bin directory.

I added a custom module, why aren't the commands working?

You can add new commands to the group files found in conf/groupdef.dir. Prefix cmd_ to the command to allow users to send the command publicly and privcmd_ for team and private targets.