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A module is a component of ASSS that adds some sort of functionality. Modules make up most of the code of ASSS, and the core server itself does little other than manage and provide functionality for the modules. You can extended the functionality of ASSS by learning to write your own modules.

Custom-written modules can easily replace plugins for bots. Advantages of modules over bots are:

  • Because modules have direct access the server (and sometimes to each other), data like statistics and points can be easily manipulated, unlike excessive use of the *points command or the like that was common with bots.
  • New game types can be added so that they mesh seamlessly with everything else simply by attaching a specific module to an arena, like the fg_wz Module.
  • Spawning new bots for every new subarena is not only a pain, it is impractical. Modules are there as soon as the new subarena is created.
  • Players can use server-side commands, and won't ever have to cycle through their recent private message lists to PM a bot again.