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[King] Settings for subgame's King of the Hill game. Each player gets a crown at the beginning of the round. A player can lose his crown by either depleting his timer (set by ExpireTime) or by getting killed too many times (set by DeathCount). The last few players to have their crowns win and receive points as their prize (set by RewardFactor).


Datatype: Count.

Deaths a player is allowed until his crown is removed.


Datatype: Hundredths of seconds.

Initial time given to each player at beginning of round.


Datatype: Points.

Number of points given to winner of round. Uses PlayersInGame2 * Factor / 1000 formula.


Datatype: Hundredths of seconds.

Amount of time added for killing a player without a crown. Killing a player with a crown will always reset the timer.


Datatype: Points.

Minimum amount of bounty a player must have in order to receive the extra time.


Datatype: Count.

A non-crown player must kill this many crown players in order to regain his own crown.