Installing ASSS on Linux

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If installed, you should find the locations of your Python, MySQL, and other dependencies before you begin.
First, you need to clone the files from the ASSS repository.

Then, after the files have transferred, you will need to build the program files from source code.

  • cd src
  • mv

If you have MySQL, Python, or BerkleyDB installed, you must point the compiler at them.

  • vim

Find the following lines and change them to their respective locations

  • DB_HOME = /usr
  • MYSQL_HOME = /opt/mysql
  • PYTHON_HOME = /usr

If you do NOT have MySQL, Python, or BerkleyDB installed, you must comment out the following lines, by adding a # in front of them:

  • have_bdb := yes
  • have_mysql := yes
  • have_python := yes

Then build the files.

  • make

You will then get to watch a nice wall of spam.
Because the developers wanted to be able to update everything on a server already running ASSS, you must now copy all the files into their proper locations.

  • cd dist
  • mv arenas ../arenas
  • mv clients ../clients
  • mv conf ../conf
  • mv maps ../maps
  • mv news.txt ../news.txt
  • mv scrty ../scrty
  • mv scrty1 ../scrty1

Since the security module does not exist yet, you will have to go into modules.conf

  • comment out security:security
  • comment out security:enc_cont
  • uncomment enc_null

Since the scoring module apparently does not exist yet, you will have to copy from a preexisting server into your bin directory.

  • new server owners are screwed
  • all scoring:* are already commented out
  • hope you don't like points

Update ASSSHOME with the path to your ASSS root directory.

  • cd scripts
  • vim run-asss

For ease of access, you may want to move the run-asss script to the root directory.

  • mv run-asss ../run [optional, update ASSSHOME]

After you have completed the installation, you must now configure your server.
Server Setup