Creating and Testing a Simple Discretion Module

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Once you obtain the Discretion source, you are ready to make a module for Discretion. If you haven't gotten the source yet, follow the instructions in Obtaining the Discretion Source using Subversion. This tutorial is part of the Discretion Module Tutorial.

There are three ways to make a module: 1. Eclipse with minGW, 2. MS Visual Studio, and 3. make. If you're new, the recommended way is to use minGW and Eclipse.

minGW and Eclipse

The way BaK works on Discretion is using minGW and Eclipse. Both pieces of software are free, and minGW is a lot like gcc so this might even work for Linux development. Eclipse is also BaK's favorite Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Currently the tutorial is oriented towards Windows users. If you want to try this method see the Creating and Testing a Simple Discretion Module in Eclipse tutorial.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is an IDE produced by Microsoft that supports C++ development. I've used it for a few years and it's pretty good at what it does. Students also often get free licenses for Visual Studio from their school. Currently for Discretion, development is done in Eclipse so there aren't any visual studio projects for you to use. Nonetheless, setting one up is a snap and is covered in the Creating and Testing a Simple Discretion Module in MS Visual Studio tutorial.


Make is a tool that can build large projects. It relies on a compiler such as gcc. This one is typically used by the hardcore linux users, but it's also a very portable tool so it works great with multi-platform development. Goldeye is currently in charge of development using make (particularly interested in Mac OS X support), and may one day make (pun!) a Creating and Testing a Simple Discretion Module using Make tutorial. Send him a ?message in-game so he knows you appreciate him working on this and encourage him to write a tutorial for us!


Outside of these three standard ways there are countless compilers and IDEs you can use to make any C++ project, including Discretion. However, officially we won't help you with these. Unofficially we probably will if you bug us enough ;).