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An ASSS Region is a region defined inside a map file. These can be arbitrary sets of tiles. Regions can have warpto coordinates, that will warp a player to a certain coordinate and/or arena when they enter the region. Regions can also have flags set for them that are understood internally by the server. These flags include: isBase (whether the region represents a base in a flag game), no antiwarp, no weapons, and no flag drops. They are understood internally using the mapdata interface. Regions are encoded in Extended LVL Files, and can be made using a python script from the ASSS site, Continuum Level / Ini Tool, or DustEd.

One can check if a tile is in a region using this code:

Code examples


Region *myRgn = mapdata->FindRegionByName(arena,"myRegion");
int x = 512;
int y = 512;

if (myRgn && mapdata->Contains(myRgn,x,y))
{ // your point is in the region

{ // your point is not in the region



See Writing Modules In Python.