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This guide will highlight some of the known pitfalls and gotchas when moving from subgame to asss.

You may need to familiarise yourself with modules.conf to apply some of the fixes.



This setting now behaves as it is written. It is the maximum frequency you can enter. It is not the maximum number of frequencies available. For example setting this to 5 means you can enter 0,1,2,3,4,5.

Prize:MinimumVirtual or Why do my flags and balls spawn differently?

Flags and balls now have their own spawn settings:

SpawnX = 512
SpawnY = 512
SpawnRadius = 20

Additionally balls can have multiple spawns as of version 1.4.2:

SpawnXN = 512
SpawnYN = 512
SpawnRadiusN = 20

Where N is 0,1,2,3. The numbers correspond to the ball ID. For example if you have 2 balls the ID's will start from 0. Ball 0 will use Spawn...0 and ball 1 will use Spawn...1. You can have up to 8 balls, meaning ball 4 will use Spawn...0 and so on.


Why doesn't ?owner work anymore?

This is disabled by default. You need to add the line 'cmd_owner' to conf/groupdef.dir/default.

Why doesn't ?objon work anymore?

The objects module is not loaded by default. You need to add the line 'objects' to conf/modules.conf.

Why doesn't *arena <msg> work anymore?

The command has been shortened to ?a <msg>. Additionally ?aa <msg> will anonymise the originator; their name will not be automatically appended to the message.

You can use the sgcompat module to restore this command.

Why doesn't *log work anymore?

This has been replaced with ?lastlog [<number of lines>] [<filter text>] where [] means an optional parameter.

You can use the sgcompat module to alias this command to *log however the format will not change back to subgame format.

Why doesn't ?help <msg> work anymore?

For an unknown reason the creator of asss decided to use this command as an online manual for commands and settings. Possibly because many billers used a similar ?man command.

You can change the functionality of the ?help command by loading the notify module. Simply add (or uncomment) the line 'notify' to modules.conf, and put the following in global.conf:

[ Help ]
CommandName = man

[ Notify ]
AlertCommand = help,cheater

Don't forget to also add 'cmd_cheater' and 'cmd_man' (or other given names) to groupdef.dir/default.

Can I add more AlertCommands like ?cheater ?

To add AlertCommands such as ?cheater and ?illegal, you will need to load the notify module and make the appropriate changes as explained above.

Game quirks

I have some LVZ objects controlled by a bot but they don't work anymore

The objects module is not loaded by default. You need to add the line 'objects' to conf/modules.conf.

Why am I not seeing a greet message when I enter the arena? or Where have the periodic messages gone?

The messages module is not loaded by default. You need to add the line 'messages' to conf/modules.conf.

Additionally the PeriodicMessageN settings are bugged in asss. You can download a patch for 1.4.2 from http://toktok.sscentral.com/dump/messages.c.patch.txt.

What's up with the goal message?

If you are seeing 'SCORE: Warbirds:xx Javelins:xx' and would rather see Team0,Team1 then read on.

The points_goal module was coded for a specific purpose and did not implement all the things from subgame. You can download a patch from http://toktok.sscentral.com/dump/points_goal.c-scoremsg.patch.txt.

I want to keep my bots but they aren't behaving, is there any hope?

There is a module called sgcompat that creates command aliases from subgame commands to asss commands. To use the module add 'funky:sgcompat' to conf/modules.conf. Additionally, your bot may get silenced for sending multiple consecutive messages and commands. To fix this, add the line 'unlimitedchat' to the appropriate group the bot is in (e.g. groupdef.dir/mod). Lastly, bots that need to toggle objects may flood your screen with red error messages indicating an invalid toggle. You can fix this by adding either 'broadcastbot' or 'broadcastany' to the bot's respective group.