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The title of this article should be The initial letter is capitalized due to technical restrictions.

Build Options

If you want an optimized build, use "make opt=yes".
If you want a profiled build, use "make prof=yes".
If you want a _non_debug build, use "make debug=no".
If you want to link bdb statically, use "make link_db_statically=yes".

These are the default options:

debug = yes
opt = no
prof = no
link_db_statically = no

Library Options

If you are missing any of these libraries from your system comment these lines out. Or if you just don't want to compile in support these things.

have_bdb = yes
have_mysql = yes
have_python = yes

Library Paths

This is an example only. You may find berkley db and mysql are located in /usr/local.

DB_HOME = /opt/db-4.0.14
MYSQL_HOME = /opt/mysql
MYSQL_LDFLAGS = -L$(MYSQL_LIB) -Wl,-rpath,$(MYSQL_LIB) -lmysqlclient_r
  • If you built MySQL without pthreads then change -lmysqlclient_r to -lmysqlclient.

Python version 2.2 minimum is required to add Python support to ASSS. PYTHON_VERSION only requires the major and minor version (x.x).

PYTHON_HOME = /opt/python-2.2.2