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UBill 0.2

UBill is a small TCP Biller created by BDwinsAlt. It is currently in small development. This biller includes BanG and several other features. You can report bugs at http://braddavis.info/help.

A portion of the biller has remained open, so you can create your own commands. All you have to do is edit UBillCmd.java.


The following commands are supported by UBill:

MSG Commands: ?message, ?messages, ?msgdel
Misc Commands: ?binfo, ?bnews, ?btime, ?buptime, ?bversion, ?coin, ?man, ?sex
Other Commands: ?chat, ?password, ?setemail, ?lostpassword, ?8ball, ?find, ?seen, ?bzones
Squad Commands: ?squad, ?squadjoin, ?squadpassword, ?squadowner, ?squadlist, ?squadkick, ?squadgrant
Ect. Commands: ?about, ?bstaff, ?levels, ?poetry

Note: Syntax differs for some commands. Type ?man <command> for help.

Ways to execute this biller

java -jar UBill.jar (Must be updated when UBillCmd is updated)
java UBill (Uses the .class instead of the .jar, does not need to be updated to run UBillCmd)

You can simply double click on the jar file to open it.

Ways to compile this biller

In the terminal:
1. javac UBill.java

(The rest is optional if you chose to use the jar file.)
2. copy all class files into a folder (contents?) [mkdir contents ....then.... cp *.class contents]
3. jar cvfm UBill.jar ubill.mf -C contents/ . (Copy and paste. Cases, spaces, and periods matter!)

Using a batch file

If you chose not to update a jar each time, create a batch file.

Create a file named compile.bat. Edit with notepad by copying and pasting: javac UBill.java

Create a file named run.bat. Edit with notepad by copying and pasting: java UBill

Download UBill

You can download UBill at http://forums.minegoboom.com/viewtopic.php?t=7543