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Oh yes, and sorry about the weird mistakes in here. RegEx's make me lazy. Also, I'm giving information on all the settings I know about, and all the settings Priit has added with explanations in the changelog, but some I have no clue (like most of Comms and Permission) --Cyan~Fire


gerbils, that TOC looks really ugly. --Cyan~Fire

i88gerbils: Put it on the left side though it's refreshing to find a Table of Contents on the right. Better than having it ontop.

Mine GO BOOM: I like it better on the right than anywhere else. On top is too long, on the left just pushes the page too far over. If you want to get fancy, put it in a floating div box on either side, so the rest of the page wraps around it. Should look better then (though I still think better on the right).

Floating boxes are so annoying to get right. Can't we just take advantage of the "Hide" feature? --Cyan~Fire

i88gerbils: I told you it looked purrty! :d

Directory Servers

Doc Flabby: Are the ones in the wiki correct?,

I thought it was,