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Sius is a SubSpace TCP Biller created by Hakaku and written in C#. The biller is designed to be stable, reliable, and configurable. For bug reports, suggestions, and questions, refer to this forum thread. To download it directly, please click here.

  • Player authentication
  • Password encryption and salting
  • Configurable limits (such as chats, messages, zones, players)
  • Chat support
  • Banner support
  • Squad support
  • Message support
  • Logging
  • Support for ASSS 1.4.x and higher
Supported Commands
  • Messaging: ?message, ?messages, ?chat
  • Squad: ?squad, ?squadcreate, ?squadjoin, ?squadowner, ?squadlist, ?squadkick, ?squadgrant, ?squadleave, ?squaddissolve, ?squadpassword
  • Biller: ?buptime, ?btime, ?bversion, ?bzones (?zones), ?bzone
  • Other: ?find, ?password, ?userid