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SSC, or SubSpace Council was a group of players who operated the SSC* Billing Server. This is currently the largest billing server, so most zones strive to achieve a quality of game where they can use the SSC* biller. It is the only billing server that won't give you a warning when you enter that your password could be compromised. Other popular billing servers include SSI.

If you're interested in joining the SSC* biller the following are some rough guidelines for providing a suitable environment:

1. Maintain a stable zone server. Not just stability in hardware or software, but stability intellectually. Behavior problems among yourself and your staff indicates a low-level of maturity and hence stability. Stability also means an actual player population for a prolonged period of time (outside of the grandfather zones).

2. Provide the SSC* with an original zone. Unfortunately, due to the inconsiderate nature of the SSC* multiple zones of the same settings for legitimate use will never be permitted access.