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What is ASSS?

ASSS (A Small Subspace Server) was created by grelminar. Its an open source server designed to allow Continuum users to connect with. Its a replacement, not a clone, of Subgame, which was created by VIE and later upgraded by Priit Kasesalu, a freelance Subspace programmer who also wrote Continuum with the assistance of Mr Ekted.

ASSS allows many advanced features never before offered by Subgame nor user-made Bots. Within, you'll find documentions about how to use some of these advanced features, and documentation about how to create your own extensions to the server software. There is also a ASSS Commands Cheatsheet to help you get started.

To start finding answers try the quicklinks (above) or check out the Categories. If you're having problems with your server, try reading the Server Troubleshooting guide. If you would like to contribute see Community Portal. For further assistance or questions, please visit the Server Help Forums where other users will be able to respond to your questions.

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Current Events

ASSS version 1.4.3 has been released as of June 8, 2006. As of September 9, 2006, the version control server has been updated. I've upgraded the monotone server at to 0.29. The is incompatible with the previous version (0.24) in several ways. You will need to create a new database and fetch everything again, and then create a new working copy.


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