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Isometry is a new SubSpace billing server (biller) written by Snrrrub with a feature-set that rivals the SSC biller. It extracts as much information from Continuum clients as the SSC biller and uses all of those fields to check for aliases. Most importantly, it is designed to be a secure and open biller: any zone may connect to the biller.

Snrrrub also suggested why Isometry is a better alternative to what is offered today [1]:

  1. actively developed
  2. built on top of a relational database with transactional operations
  3. BanG-style bans and aliases done right (i.e. alias checking on IDData)
  4. secure against password stealing (more about this soon)
  5. open policy towards zones
  6. open policy towards data (looking forward to website integration)
  7. consistent, nightly backups of database
  8. hosted on a real server

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