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The title of this article should be passwd.conf. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical restrictions.

The passwd.conf file contains configuration values for the auth_file modules which allows ASSS to perform user validation without biller connectivity.

Default Configuration

The default configuration file from ASSS 1.4.4.

;; This file is used by the auth_file module. If you're not loading
;; auth_file, this file won't be used.

AllowUnknown = yes

;; NOTE: This setting is insecure! It lets anyone log in as any user
;; that doesn't have a password yet, and set a password for them. If you
;; have names listed in staff.conf that don't have passwords set, anyone
;; can log in as them and get their powers.
;; If you're using auth_file as a backup for a billing server, you
;; should remove this line, and have staff members set local passwords
;; with ?local_password when they've logged in to the billing server.
;; If you're using auth_file as the primary authentication module, you
;; should remove this line, and whenever you add a staff member, also do
;; /?set_local_password to establish their first local password. (They
;; can change it later.)
RequireAuthenticationToSetPassword = no


Grelminar = 561fb382be64fdfd6c4bc4450577b966
Mine GO BOOM = 388a02ab88f187f64820e0491e9bb2a2

; new users password hashes will get added here